“A Rough Time In The Big Easy”…A Review Of the 3/30/12 New Orleans show

Well, it’s been almost a week and the I think the entire KISS Army has weighed in about the concert in New Orleans on 3/30/12.  If you have not seen it yet you can check it out here.  Ok, so here is my sort of review of the New Orleans show.  I downloaded the show, put it on DVD, and watched it over the last week, taking some notes on what I thought while watching it.  Before I start I will say this….there is no getting around the fact the Paul’s voice is not in the greatest shape at this time.  I know people were hoping the the surgery he had last fall would help the problem…but I guess only time will tell.  With that being said…it’s STILL KISS!!  I for one am glad for any chance I get to see my favorite band perform live.  I think Paul’s voice is something each member of the KISS army is something they are going to have to decide if they can live with it or not!!  Anyway…on to my thoughts / review.

1.Мodern Day Delilah – This is such a great opening song!!
– Paul’s voice is rough, but I can live with it
-Overall weak version of the song.
2.Shout It Out Loud – Gene’s voice sounds great!
– The band overall sounds much tighter on this song

3.Deuce – Again…Gene sounds great!!
-This is great version…the band sounds VERY tight here
-Tommy Thayer is on FIRE!!

4.Hotter Than Hell – Good version
– Gene’s bass looks awesome!
-If they are going to play this, Eric needs to bring the big gong back to hit towards the end of the song
-The sirens going off at the end of the song just are not right.  I am so used to hearing them at the end of Firehouse…

5.Let Me Gо Rock’N’Roll – WOW!  Awesome version so far
– Tommy Thayer stills the show during this song!!
– Gene’s long bass slide at the breakdown was AWESOME!
– Best ending to the song I remember in a LONG time!

6.Shock Me – Tommy does a very good job singing the song…I know there are some people who don’t like it…but oh well.
– Eric knocks the backing vocals out of the park on this one…sound great!
– Seemed a bit strange with no guitar solo at the end of it.

7.Calling Dr. Love –  Not much going during this song…just seemed like a normal version until the end and then I loved it!!

8.I Love it Loud – Really good version of the song…Gene again sound really good!
– Again the backing vocals are the best I have ever heard them live!

9.100,000 years – Paul’s voice is rough…but still good.
– So nice to hear this song without a drum solo in the middle of it!!
– Again…Tommy is on FIRE!!

10.Love Gun – Again…backing vocals sound great!
– Band sounds VERY tight on this song
– Paul’s voice is very rough during this song
– In many ways though..this is the best version of this song in a LONG time!

11.Black Diamond – Always like when Paul plays different parts of songs at the start…as before it’s “Stairway To Heaven”
– Eric does a really good job singing
– Nice to see they did not drag out the ending.

12.Detroit Rock City – Really Good verison
– Still love the “pause” towards the end of the song

13.Lick It Up – Wow…might just be me but I don’t remember all the flames shooting up from the stage
– Paul sounds a bit better on this song
– Love the fact the include “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by the who in the middle of the song.

14.Rock And Roll All Nite – The confetti shooting out of the air cannons if always a favorite part of the show of mine!
– The call and response Paul does in the middle of the song is really bad.

Overall considering this was a free show, I thought it was really good.  There weren’t going to be any big surprises for a setlist….just a standard sort of greatest hits.  The band sounded tight and really good!  Overall I would give it like a 7 out of 10.  Really worth the time to watch!!


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