FINALLY!!!  The show I have been waiting on!!  The only show I have tickets for!!  So here we go…here is my longer review.   I got the venue a bit early (right before the gates open) and just kind of wait around for a bit.  Gates open and start going in and while we were walking I was checking out the crowd.  Seemed to me that the crowd was more KISS fans than Motley fans based on the T Shirts I could see.  So once inside I headed over to the merch. table to check out everything.  I broke down and bought a shirt for the first time in God knows how long at a show and I’m still not sure why.       














So I find my seat and I am very happy. My seat was on Gene / Nikki’s side of the stage and right against the stage.  Started talking with the people around me and everyone seems really nice.  They make an anouncment they are delaying the show and the telling everyone on the lawn to head to their cars.  They will let them know when to come back .  Hardly nobody is leaving and us in the pavilion just chuckle and wait.  The Treatment come about 7:20 and start the show.  I had no idea about them but they did a really good job.  Seemed like just straight ahead sort of 80’s rock. So during the break before Motley came out, I started talking to the security guards.  They were wanting to know what the the guns on the side of the stage were for.  I told them about the fact that they shoot them off during the song Sex and Kickstart My Heart.  They showed me the set list they had in there pockets and pointed out the songs.  The show started and the Motley did the parade through the  crowd.  The first song, Saints of Los Angles, was a great way to start the show.  Motley put on a hell of the show on stage.  With the backup dancers, people on stilts, pyro, and everything else going on, it was quite the show.  Vince does only sing about half the song or so, but he still sound pretty good.  Mick looks life death warmed over but still rock out with the best of them, Tommy seemed to have a hell of time back on the drums and when he came out front, and Nikki…what the hell can you say about Sixx.  If there is one person who enjoys what he does, it’s Nikki.  If you sit up front, just be warned.  Nikki will spit on you.  He loves to drink water and then spit it on the people in the front rows. The drum solo was really cool.  Not only was the roller coaster part of the drum solo cool, but I also loved the fact that Tommy mixes in all sorts of music into the drum solo.

Motley’s stage show was just sensory overload!!  The band was very TIGHT and right on cue.  I have not seen them since 94 with Corabi, and this show just kicked ass!!  I know it was only greatest hits show, but you could not have asked for more from The Tour. The security guard in front of me gave me the set list he had in his pocket.  Here is a scan of it.
I was also luck enough to get to picks from Nikki.

Here are just a few pics of Motley!!




All in all, Motley did one hell of job.  I will go see them the next time they come around!! They seemed to do a really quick change over from Motley to KISS.  Because before you knew it…they dropped the curtain around the stage.   KISS, never being one to miss a chance to tell you what they are doing next was running ads for the KISS Kruise II, pre order Monster, and an ad  to text to a number for special KISS offers.


So Led Zepplin’s “Rock N Roll” comes on and at the end of the song…..the lights go out.  The moment we have all been waiting on.  “All right Indianapolis…….You Wanted The Best….You Got The Best….The Hottest Band In The World…..KISS!!!”  The crowd goes crazy and you hear the opening riff to “Detroit Rock City”.  The only bummer of this part is they re hashed the opening from the Farwell Tour.  At this point there is so much smoke and fog I can’t even see the stage and I am down front!!

The band sounded tight and sounded AWESOME!  They moved from one song to the other without much of Paul’s banter in between songs.  One “hit” after another…Shout It Out Loud, I Love It Loud, Firehouse….and so on.  Paul and Gene seemed to be having a good time.   We all know Paul does not sound the greatest live now…but who cares.  He’s out there every night giving what he has left.   Eric was just a machine.  Solid, rock hard drumming the whole night.  Tommy was on!  I know he gets a lot of flak for being a “scab”, but to me Tommy is the one who saved this band.  He played like he was on fire all night!  Nailed the solos, showed a ton of energy, and was rockin the whole night.  Hell or Hallelujah is a nice addition to the set list.  It’s such a rockin song, that it makes me excited to hear what else will be on the Monster album when it comes out.

So it gets time for Gene’s bass solo and I am so excited.  I love this part of the show.  The bell during the solo is AWESOME!!

Show is running all cylinders and it’s non stop KISS in overdrive!    Songs just keep coming and the crowd is rocking.  At this point, knowing the set list, I am getting a little down knowing it’s going to be over soon.  Everyone is having a good time and taking it all in.  For the encore tonight, they played Cold Gin.  I was really bummed by it, because the set list the security guard showed me had Deuce on it and was really looking forward to it!  Cold Gin was really good, but again….I’m bummed!!  Anyway, know the last song is coming I move over a little bit and try to get closer to the stage.  Right after they start Rock N Roll All Nite, the shot of the confetti.  Not sure I have ever seen as much.  They had the cannons in a couple of different spots so it shot all over the place.

Here are a few pics from the show.




Here is the final set list for the night:

Being down front, I was able to get 3 different picks.  2 of the new block letter picks (Gene & Paul)  and 1 common Paul pick.  They had the city picks on the stands, the only one I saw thrown out was by Tommy and it was a Gene pick!


I know that “The Tour” is getting a bad rap as being  a greatest hits tour, but if you have not seen it yet…..check it out!  This is well worth the money  From the start of the show to the end it is one good rocking time!!



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