McFarlane KISS Busts – New Pick Ups

Picked these up off a local Facebook deal.  Got a really good deal on them.  If your interested in them…please drop me a line!




Ace Frehley on the Radio New Years Eve 1978!!!

Check this youtube clip out!!!  Ace Frehley at 99x WOR-FM, WXLO NY on New Years Eve 1978!!!

Ace and Gordon Gebert from 1993

If you are a fan of behind the scenes stuff of being a rock star..then this is for you.  Here  you get see Ace, Gordon Gebert, and a couple of other people fight with Ace about money, touring, his girlfiend, etc…  It says at the end KISS & TELL the DVD is comming……i’d watch!!

IF you don’t know who Godron Gebert is…read here