Who is that masked man??


Who is that masked man?

For once, KISS is not the strangest person in this picture?  In case you don’t know who the masked man is, he name is Jimmy Ellis.  Better know as Orion.  Confused?  I was too until I stumbled upon the documentary: Orion: The Man Who Would Be King.  Jimmy Ellis is quite simply the only other person on this planet who sounds EXACTLY like Elvis Presley.  I was watching this on Netflix one day and this picture popped up on the screen.  The pic was taken somewhere on the creatures of the night tour.

I highly suggest you watch the documentary on Orion!  Well worth the time!!


McFarlane KISS Busts – New Pick Ups

Picked these up off a local Facebook deal.  Got a really good deal on them.  If your interested in them…please drop me a line!



Paul Stanley or Wakko Warner??

Check this video out.  This is the guy that used to  Wakko Warner on Animaniacs.  Tell me he does not sound like Paul Stanley?

New KISS picks “Retro” look!! AWESOME!!

I’ve been kind of disappointed over the last few years of the lack of cool guitar picks.  But, to me, these are BADASS!!  These have a cool 70’s throwback on the back of the pick, printing the names instead of an autograph!!  VERY NICE!!

Found this on ebay from  seller spockguy…..so all credit goes to him!  And sorry for stealing your pictures!!  He had pics of the picks and pics of them on mic stands and Tommy’s guitar!!



The Tour Guitar Picks Are starting to hit Ebay!!

Just was wondering what has been caught during the first 3 shows and here is what I can come up with.  All pictures were stolen from auctions over on Ebay!!  SORRY!!