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1983 Sao Paulo, Brazil Press Conference without Make Up!!

Ran across this the other day.  Press conference from Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1983 with out make up!!  Of course they are covering their faces…but how often did they hold a press conference like this??

My thoughts on the KISS / Motley Crue press conference

Ok…so it’s Saturday night and I have nothing better to do than to watch the KISS / Motley Crue press conference.   Here are my thoughts while watching the press conference.

  1. What the hell is with KISS and late night talk show hosts?  They go on Conan O’ Brian in 95, get Conan to intro them at the Reunion Press conference, have Leno do the interview on the You Wanted The Best album, do skits on Leno…etc and now they have George Lopez (ex late night talk show host) at the press conference.
  2. Are there any fans in the audience or just press people?  Hardly no reaction when each band is introduced.
  3. Ok..the costumes…
  4. Mick Mars looks like he is bored to death when Paul is talking!!
  5. Nice to see Gene make joke about a 3D version of Tommy’s sex video!  He always takes things way to serious.
  6. Gene’s costume looks almost to big for his body!  Strange.
  7. So far Nikki has nothing to say, and Paul won’t shut up!!
  8. They bleep out Gene’s “Bullshit music” line…but leave in all the “fucks” Vince says!!  Then they live in the second bullshit…nice.
  9. Gene throws his mike into the audience so a TV guy can ask a question.  The question was “Is there a song you would like the other band to play” (not those exact words..but you get it).  Tommy puts the mike to his mouth, then Nikki answers Parasite (an AWESOME answer by the way) and Tommy never speaks again.  Paul’s answer is Wild Side.  Way to go out on a limb Paul.
  10. Vince was the only from Motley to llok like they were having a good time.
  11. Watch when they do the last photo opp….everybody is  holding up the nice cameras and then there is one guy with in iPhone!!