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Hell Or Hallelujah 30 sec sample


Click the link above to hear a 30 Second clip of Hell or Hallelujah….ROCKIN!!!!


Great Day Garage Selling!!

Went out and hit some garage sales on Saturday here in my town.  At 3 different garage sales, found KISS records for sale.  The first place I hit I got this for 50 cents.

Couple of rummage sales later, I found a small box of 8 tracks.  They wanted to $2.00 for the whole box.  Found Dressed To Kill in it and a K-Tel Comp. called “Metal Masters” with Lick It Up on it!!

The last sale I stopped at had a box of records.  So i flipped through them and found these for $1 each!  The covers are not in the greatest shape..but hey can’t complain for $1.  And stuck inside the Simmons Meteor was the Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits Picture Disc!!