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New Ticket Stub: 9/14/96 Birmingham, AL

Got this one in the mail yesterday also.  2 full unused tickets from the Reunion tour from 9/14/96 Birmingham, AL

Review: 6/28/96 Tiger Stadium Full Show as posted on Youtube

I have been meaning to post this a lot sooner, but better late than never!!  Anyway, it was noted on KISSFAQ sometime ago, that a full version of the 6/28/96 Tiger Stadium show was posted.  This was the official kick off of the Reunion tour.  If you have not checked out the show, you can do so here.  I had only seen the pro shot that has been out for a long time (only 7 songs), so I grabbed a youtube downloader, put it on my tablet, and watched on breaks at work!

This is why there are bootlegs!!  I was not one of the lucky people to see this show live, but man, watching it now really kind of put me there.  This is by no means the best bootleg out there picture or sound wise, but this one gets the job done.  You never got the feel of the crowd on the pro shot version, but this one gives you an idea of what it was like to be there that night!  Sound wise I would give it a 6 or 7.  Sometimes the vocals are bit muffled but for the most part, it’s really good.  Picture wise I would only give it a 5 or 6.  It’s shot from far away and sometimes it’s a bit blurry.  When the taper gets focused…it decent.  But having said all that, this is a good example of enjoying a not mint show.  This show has its own special place in KISSTORY…so set back and enjoy!!


  • The crowd is LOUD!
  • Vocals are a bit muffled
  • Gene is acting like the Demon of old!!  Amazing!
  • Band sounds really tight!

Rap – Kind of rare they stop between Deuce and King Of The Nighttime World

King Of The Knighttime Wolrd

  • Really miss the amps rising up on the stage….always liked that!
  • Really good version
  • Energy in incredible!
  • The sound gets better!

Do You Love Me

  • Crowd sounds great!!!
  • Amps are coming up now…weird
  • Band sounds REALLY tight
  • Always love the extended ending….great!

Calling Dr. Love

  • Never been a big fan of this song live, but it sounds really good!!
  • Gene seems to be really into the show!
  • Weird to see Paul & Gene lean on each other while they are playing.  Can’t remember a time when I have seen that lately!!

Cold Gin

  • Gene sounds really good
  • Song seems just a bit sluggish
  • Ace sings the second verse…nice!
  • Nice to see Gene & Ace high-five during the “guitar solo”

Christine 16

  • Kind of a rare song for the Reunion tour
  • Decent version
  • Gene’s vocals are muffled again

Love Gun

  • Band sound REALLY good!
  • WOW! The was Paul dropped to his knees was impressive!!
  • Nice version of the song
  • From what I could tell (and I am sure I am wrong) first pyro on the stage!

Shout It Out Loud

  • When the crowd sings is VERY loud!!
  • Really nice version
  • Actually, the best version of the song I have heard in a long time!

Watchin You

  • This need to me in the show NOW!  This sounds so awesome live!
  • This is a KILLER version of the song!
  • Straight forward, really rocking song!


  • Killer version!
  • Paul is full of energy during this song!
  • Watch Gene just lurk across the stage…so 70’s to me!
  • WOW!!

2000 Man

  • No light up guitar!!
  • Really nice version
  • Ace sound good!


  • Killer to see Ace & Gene rocking in time with the song again!
  • Sounds like the song almost falls apart after the first chorus..drums just sort of stop.
  • Other than that…band sounds tight

Shock Me (with solo)

  • Really tight, nice version
  • A tech runs out on stage and helps Ace with something
  • Seems like the “bugs” are not worked out of the solo yet
  • Ace says “something was bound to fuck up!”

Rock Bottom

  • Very cool watching just Ace & Paul play the into together!
  • Strange to see Ace with a double neck guitar
  • Very nice version of the song…tight

Gene’s Solo

  • This is one of my FAVORITE parts of the show
  • This is version sounds much better than what he does now
  • Crowd goes CRAZY when he flies!
  • Again..the crowd is just UNREAL
  • This is the Reunion lineup at it’s best!

God Of Thunder (with drum solo)

  • Sounds AWESOME
  • If you watch Peter during this song…looks like is playing his heart out!
  • During the solo for a minute or looks like the Peter of old!
  • Looks like Peter is having a blast during his solo!

New York Groove

  • Looks like Gene kicks Ace in the ass when he walks by at the start of the song
  • Good version, Paul & Gene’s backups are nice

Let Me Go Rock N Roll

  • This is my FAVORITE song played live
  • Sounds really good
  • The entire band seems really into it
  • Again, if you watch Peter he looks like he is having the time of his life!!

100,000 Years

  • Paul has a TON of energy during this song
  • The bands is SO good during this song
  • Ace nails this song….WOW!

Rock N Roll All Nite

  • Crowd is so awesome singing along
  • This version is so much better then how sluggish this song got for a few years
  • They flash the words to the song on the screen during the sing along….in case someone does not know them I guess! LOL!
  • Miss the days of Paul throwing out his guitar to the crowd instead of selling it!
  • Wow..the ending was fucked up!


  • Most of the time I don’t enjoy this song live, but this is a really nice version
  • I think Peter cries at the end of song…touching.

Detroit Rock City

  • Again the crowd singing along is amazing
  • Band sounds very tight
  • Right on cue!!

Black Diamond

  • Paul is still full of energy..unreal!
  • Band is on FIRE!
  • Ace drops to his knees…LOVE it
  • How far out over the crowd does the lifts go at the end of the song!!