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Ticket Collection Update

Have not posted any ticket stubs updates for awhile…but here they are!!!

9/4/77 Ft. Worth, Texas
This one has no date on it…but if you look in the book KISS ALIVE FOREVER (a MUST have), look under the dates for Dallas / Ft. Worth and the only time they have played there on a Sunday is 9/4/77!!!



7/21/12 Virginia Beach, VA

8/3/12 Houston, TX

8/28/96 Sacramento, CA

9/22/96 Orlando, FL

7/16/96 Chicago, IL

11/27/98 Uniondale, NY


7/25/96 New York, NY

12/14/84 Cleveland, OH

Looking for Ticket Stubs for “The Tour”

I have been able to pick up a few, but always looking for more.  If you have a ticket stub from the new “Tour” and you are looking to trade or sell it….I want it!!   Email me!!