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Who is that masked man??


Who is that masked man?

For once, KISS is not the strangest person in this picture?  In case you don’t know who the masked man is, he name is Jimmy Ellis.  Better know as Orion.  Confused?  I was too until I stumbled upon the documentary: Orion: The Man Who Would Be King.  Jimmy Ellis is quite simply the only other person on this planet who sounds EXACTLY like Elvis Presley.  I was watching this on Netflix one day and this picture popped up on the screen.  The pic was taken somewhere on the creatures of the night tour.

I highly suggest you watch the documentary on Orion!  Well worth the time!!

There’s an intro for the “I Love It Loud” video???

OK…this just blew my mind!   I have been watching this video for as long as I can remember.  First time I ever saw it was on Night Flight (remember that show??).  Anyway, as far as I knew, it always started with the family sitting at the table and the drums kick in.  Now in the year 2016, I find out there is 35 more seconds of the video that I had no idea about!!  Nothing great happens in the footage, but I had just never seen it!!  It’s linked below….ENJOY!!

KISS Strutter Live 1995 Japan Earthquake Relief

kiss tape

This audio is featuring live version of “Strutter”. KISS recorded this song for donation of Earthquake in Kobe, Japan, at Budokan, Tokyo on afternoon of Jan. 30th, 1995. And record company in Japan presented this tape for visitors at KISS’ Event in Tokyo. It never released this material on CD anywhere.

10/19/13 Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

  1. Psycho Circus
  2. Shout It Out Loud
  3. Do You Love Me
    (Tour debut)
  4. I Love It Loud
  5. Hell or Hallelujah
  6. War Machine
    (Gene breathes fire)
  7. Heaven’s on Fire
  8. Calling Dr. Love
  9. Say Yeah
  10. Shock Me / Outta This World
  11. Guitar and Drum Solos
    (Tommy Thayer / Eric Singer)
  12. Bass Solo
    (Gene spits blood and flies)
  13. God of Thunder
  14. Lick It Up
  15. Love Gun
    (Paul flies over crowd to the B-stage)
  16. Rock and Roll All Nite
  17. Detroit Rock City
  18. I Was Made for Lovin’ You
  19. Black Diamond

KISS Play A Snippet Of “Life In The Woods”

This was posted on on KISSFAQ.  KISS Play a bit of life in the woods!!!  Around the 5:20 mark.  And if your wondering what Life In The Woods is….back in the early days of KISS, they had a song called Life In The Woods they would play live.  Only select people have the song in the bootleg world, so this is the first time most of the KISS fan base have ever heard this song!!!

Review: Fab Four From Hell 3/31/78 Tokyo, Japan

Ok…to start off I don’t have the disc in my hands.  I did not shell out $150 for this.  But if you know where to look, I got in FLAC format.  So I can only review what is on the disc and show itself.
Setlist – Standard Alive II show…nothing special
Sound – Rally good audience recording for 1978.  Guitars come and go at times, drums seem a bit distant, the bass is pretty loud, and the vocals are sometimes hard to hear.
The only other version of this that I had was an MP3 sourced version.  Below is the  first song (I Stole Your Love) from both versions (the mp3 sourced show, and the new Tarantura cd).

With that being said….here are the notes that I took while listing to the show.

Disc 1
1) Monitor Check – Crowd really sounds like a good one!
2) Peter starts drumming a bit during the “You Wanted The Best” intro
3)I Stole Your Love
–  The start of the song is all messed up! Kind of sounded like Gene started to play the song before the intro was over!
–  Paul sounds really into the show
–  Turns into a really good version of the song
4)King Of The Night Time World
–  Ace holds the beginning feedback longer than normal
–  Either the guitars are hard to hear or Ace is stopping in some weird places
–  Decent version…just ok
–  Some really bad notes hit in the ending
–  Crowd still seems hot!
+Rap – Paul asks if everybody feels alright and the crowd screams back “Alright” VERY LOUD!
5) Ladies Room
–  Genes vocals not as loud as Paul’s.  Tad bit hard to hear at times
–  Ace does some nice (and different) fills before they get the first chorus!
–  Again before the 2nd verse, Ace is doing some fills!!
– When Gene yells “NO” before each chorus, it sounds like he is in pain “Nooo Woooo Wooo”, BUT full of energy
–  Really nice version, a bit different than normal
–  Seems a bit fast
–  Decent version
–  Nothing Special
–  Crowd really gets excited when Gene breathes fire!
7) Love Gun
– Opening drum part seems a bit short
–  Crowd still just clapping along
–  Background vocals are horrible during the chorus
–  Seems a bit sloppy
–  Paul is really trying to hit some high notes towards the end…not good!
–  Not a very good version of this song at all!
+Rap – Paul does a call & response of “Rock N Roll” and the crowd seems way into the show!
8) Let Me Go Rock N Roll
–  Gene still sounds like he is in pain dragging out the “Rock N Roll” at the start of the song
–  Gene seems to be screaming a bit much
–  Decent version so far!
–   Different version that what I am used to (maybe not for this tour), but no bass to drum part in the middle.  Goes straight to the ending guitar parts
– Very short version
9)  Makin Love
–  Never heard Paul use the opening “Tell you what I want to do…I want to make to you!!”, then song starts
–  Seems a bit fast
–  Bit of a different lyric, instead of “She says stop, baby go, go, go” the line is “She says stop, I say go!”
–  Decent version, not bad
10)  Christine Sixteen
–   Start of the song all messed up.  Almost like Peter & Gene are not in time together
–   Gene actually sings the first verse….no growl!
–  Ok version, never one of my fav. songs live
–  The clapping along is getting a bit old
+Rap – After Paul says “We got a surprise for you tonight”, Ace gets a nice reaction from the crowd!
11)  Shock Me
–  Again with the clapping
–  So far really good version
+SOLO – The first of the solo almost sounds like the opening to “Speedin Back To My Baby”
-One of my fav. parts of the show…sounds like a good solo…wish I could see it
– Really weird sound at the end of the smoking guitar part
(sounds like there is a small cut in the tape here)
12) I Want You
–  SO far really tight version
–  Always wondered why they added the extra part right before the solos
–  Best they have sounded as a band on the whole disc
– The crowd is AMAZING during the call & response at the end!

Disc 2
+Rap – Instead of “were gonna call out the Dr.”…Pauls says “We are gonna listen to the Dr.” and the crowd yells “LOVE!”
1) Calling Dr. Love
–  Pretty good version, band seems to have hit it’s stride for the show!
–  Peter sounds like he is playing with some “pep” during the solo
–  Weird echo effect on the “Yeah” at the end
2) Shout It Out Loud
–  The clapping along is really getting annoying
–  So far, so good.  Crowd sings along well during the 1st verse
–  Gene, at times,  is getting carried away screaming
–  Not one of my favs, but a good version
– Peter screams like crazy at one point towards the end
+ Bass Solo – Does not sound as “demon” like we are used too
– At one point..almost sounds like a guitar / or synth is playing with him…strange
3) God Of Thunder
–  Must be the sound of the bass, but the beginning does not sound right at all
–  Decent version after that, just sounds like a different key or something!
+  Drum Solo –  Don’t know why, but the first of the solo feels very jazzy & upbeat!
–  Crowd really seems to be enjoying it, might be the best response to a drum solo ever!
–  Ok solo..but I could do with out it
+God Of Thunder (end) – Bass still sounds  funny to me
4)  Rock N Roll All Nite
–  Again crowd just clapping along!
–  Guitars have become almost non existent until the chorus
–  Paul yells “Put the lights on” after solo
–  Just a tad fast, but a good version
5)  Detroit Rock City
–  Start of the song is the first explosion I have noticed
–  Crowd singing along well during the “Get Up” & “Get Down” parts
–  So far a really good version…just a tad fast
6)  Beth
–  Crowd goes crazy when the song starts
–  Peter doing a really nice version of the song
–  Really good version!
7)  Black Diamond
–  Paul really holding the feedback in the into when the distortion kicks in
–  Sounds like the crowd is really screaming “Black Diamond”
–  At times seems a bit sloppy
–  Solo very hard to hear!