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Song Of The Week: Sweet Ophelia (Take 1)

Thought I would do a song of the week sort of thing.  Here is one I have been jamming all week.  Sweet Ophelia by Wicked Lester.  Below are the lyrics I found on the net…hope they are right!!

She turned down the captain
When he came around to score
She said her heart was promised to
A midshipman from Baltimore
He offered her his mansion
He offered her his gold
But she slipped away to a lonely place
That no man’s hands to hold

Still sweet Ophelia, I feel your love reach out
Across the miles of ocean, there can be no doubt

The lawyer’s means were modest
He brought her Danish wine
And an heirloom necklace of cultured pearls
From down his family line
But all of his advances
Her heart was cold as stone
She said, “Sir before I accept your gifts,
I’ll walk these Bowery streets alone”


Ooh-oh whoo-whoo…



Some say she died of fever
Up in her attic rooms
Some tell me that she hung herself
In a cell down in the tombs
I heard she sealed the window
And never lit the stove
But I’d like to dream she drowned herself
On the beach out around Glen Cove