Beth…the Movie!

Check out this great little 4 minute movie about the song Beth.  This would be awesome if this is how the song was really written!!



Bootlegs for “The Tour” (that I know of)

Here is a list of bootlegs that I have for “The Tour” so far:
7/20/12 Bristow, VA
7/24/12 Atlanta, GA
8/5/12 San Antonio, TX
8/10/12  Phoenix, AZ
8/27/12 St. Louis, MO
9/2/12 Pittsburgh, PA
9/4/12 Nashville, TN

7/21/12 Virginia Beach, VA
7/24/12 Atlanta, GA
7/28/12 Tampa, FL (Meet & Greet)
9/4/12 Nashville, TN (3 different versions)
9/7/12 Tinley Park, IL

1st Show of The Tour: 7/20/2012 Bristow, VA

Well the first show has come and went.  Here is some info I can find about it on the net.
Motley Crue’s Setlist:
1. Saints of Los Angeles
2. Wild Side
3. Shout at the Devil
4. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
5. Looks That Kill
6. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
7. Sex
8. Drum Solo
9. Home Sweet Home
10. Primal Scream
11. Dr. Feelgood
12. Girls, Girls, Girls
13. Kickstart My Heart

KISS Setlist
1. Detroit Rock City
2. Shout It Out Loud
3. I Love It Loud
4. Love Gun
5. Firehouse
6. War Machine
7. Shock Me
8. Hell Or Hallelujah
9. God Of Thunder
10. Lick It Up
11. Black Diamond
12. Rock & Roll All Nite
A few notes that people have posted:
1. No new tour book!  Neither Motley or KISS had one.
2. Paul made a comment about there being a curfew in place, I think trying to explain why the set list was short.
3. Motley I guess make their entrance to the stage by a “Parade” through the seating area!