There’s an intro for the “I Love It Loud” video???

OK…this just blew my mind!   I have been watching this video for as long as I can remember.  First time I ever saw it was on Night Flight (remember that show??).  Anyway, as far as I knew, it always started with the family sitting at the table and the drums kick in.  Now in the year 2016, I find out there is 35 more seconds of the video that I had no idea about!!  Nothing great happens in the footage, but I had just never seen it!!  It’s linked below….ENJOY!!


1983 Sao Paulo, Brazil Press Conference without Make Up!!

Ran across this the other day.  Press conference from Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1983 with out make up!!  Of course they are covering their faces…but how often did they hold a press conference like this??