Custom KISS Cards From The 70’s

Here are some custom KISS cards based on the old 70’s cards I came up with.  Nothing fancy…just having fun.


custom ace 3custom ace 2

custom ace 1custom ace 4



KISS – 8/13/76 Houston, TX The Complete Show – 2018 Upgrade DVD


Destroyer Tour
Houston, TX
The Summit

This is an awesome upgrade that came out in 2018! VERY enjoyable to watch!
Detroit Rock City
King Of The Night Time World
Let Me Go, Rock N Roll
Hotter Than Hell
Shout It Out Loud
Cold Gin
Ace Guitar Solo
Nothing To Lose
Gene Bass Solo
God Of Thunder
Peter Drum Solo
Rock N Roll All Nite
Black Diamond

KISS – 1/31/19 Vancouver, BC Canada Deer5001 Version DVD

KISS - 2019-01-31 - Rogers Arena, Vancouver - HD-aud DVD

DVD Authoring & DVD Cover By Deer 5001
Rogers Arena
Vancouver, BC
Tour: End of the Road


01 – Detroit Rock City
02 – Shout It Out Loud
03 – Deuce
04 – Say Yeah
05 – Heaven’s on Fire
06 – War Machine
07 – Lick It Up
(with ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’… more )
08 – 100,000 Years
(with drum solo)
09 – God of Thunder
10 – Cold Gin
(with guitar solo)
11 – Psycho Circus
12 – I Love It Loud
13 – Hide Your Heart
14 – Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
15 – Love Gun
(Paul on stage over crowd)
16 – I Was Made for Lovin’ You
(Paul on stage over crowd)
17 – Black Diamond
18 – Beth
(Eric Singer on piano)
19 – Do You Love Me
20 – Rock and Roll All Nite

Total Time: 01:57:55

DVD Info:
Menu: Yes
Chapters (SongSelect): Yes
SoundMenu: Yes
DVD Produce From HD: Yes (Excellence Video & Audio)
Video: NTSC/16:9 Widescreen
Audio: AC3/448 Kbps/5.1 Ch

1/31/19 Vancouver, BC, Canada Setlist

  1. Detroit Rock City
  2. Shout It Out Loud
  3. Deuce
  4. Say Yeah
  5. Heaven’s on Fire
  6. War Machine
  7. Lick It Up
  8. 100,000 Years
    (with drum solo)
  9. God of Thunder
  10. Cold Gin
    (with guitar solo)
  11. Psycho Circus
  12. I Love It Loud
  13. Hide Your Heart
  14. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
  15. Love Gun
    (Paul on stage over crowd)
  16. I Was Made for Lovin’ You
    (Paul on stage over crowd)
  17. Black Diamond
  18. Beth
    (Eric Singer on piano)
  19. Do You Love Me
  20. Rock and Roll All Nite

Who is that masked man??


Who is that masked man?

For once, KISS is not the strangest person in this picture?  In case you don’t know who the masked man is, he name is Jimmy Ellis.  Better know as Orion.  Confused?  I was too until I stumbled upon the documentary: Orion: The Man Who Would Be King.  Jimmy Ellis is quite simply the only other person on this planet who sounds EXACTLY like Elvis Presley.  I was watching this on Netflix one day and this picture popped up on the screen.  The pic was taken somewhere on the creatures of the night tour.

I highly suggest you watch the documentary on Orion!  Well worth the time!!

There’s an intro for the “I Love It Loud” video???

OK…this just blew my mind!   I have been watching this video for as long as I can remember.  First time I ever saw it was on Night Flight (remember that show??).  Anyway, as far as I knew, it always started with the family sitting at the table and the drums kick in.  Now in the year 2016, I find out there is 35 more seconds of the video that I had no idea about!!  Nothing great happens in the footage, but I had just never seen it!!  It’s linked below….ENJOY!!