There’s an intro for the “I Love It Loud” video???

OK…this just blew my mind!   I have been watching this video for as long as I can remember.  First time I ever saw it was on Night Flight (remember that show??).  Anyway, as far as I knew, it always started with the family sitting at the table and the drums kick in.  Now in the year 2016, I find out there is 35 more seconds of the video that I had no idea about!!  Nothing great happens in the footage, but I had just never seen it!!  It’s linked below….ENJOY!!


DVD Review: Rare pieces 1977-2007 DVD

I downloaded this from over at Demonoid.  Just thought I would take a chance and see what its like.  And it’s not worth the time to download.  My first tip off should have  been the size of the disc, only 2.82 GB’s.  The second is I should have known better than to think that a DVD called Rare Pieces would be decent quality.  Below is what is on the disc with my comments / thoughts:

Kiss – Rare pieces dvd
Hellstorm79 compilation
Quality : very variable
menu : yes
Chapters/scene selections : yes

Los Angeles 1977
Audio : Alive II,lost alive II,houston 77..
Video : 8mm (very raw quality) 4
I stole your love
Take me
Ladies room
Shout it out loud
I know this is 8MM footage, but I think I have seen better quality footage before.  Maybe I’m wrong and this is a different angle…but just now worth watching to me.

Mexico 81
I was made for lovin`you (playback)
This is not the entire performance of this song.  This is that performance with clips of different videos and performances cut into it.  There is a big logo in the bottom right hand of the screen, which is a bit distracting.  For how rare this might be, the picture is ok.  I would rather watch the grainy footage of the entire performance.

Chumash Casino California 28-7-2006
Audio : Fukuoka Japan 20-7-2006
Quality : ok
As much as I would love to see an honest video of this song surface, this is nothing but a youtube clip of it.  And it’s only 1:18 long.  He did try to improve the original audio by synching it with the 7/20/06 audio..but it’s still not that great.  Here a link to the clip posted on youtube with different audio.

Final note about this clip.  There is no known full bootleg of this show listed on Naked City Bootlegs.  Not  saying there is not one out there, but it’s just not in circulation.

Sault St.Marie 20-7-2007
Audio : ok
All the american man
Again, nothing more than edited together youtube clips.  And again Naked City Bootlegs has no version of this show listed.

Madrid Spain 14-10-1983
Audio : Nashville,Tennessee 11-1-1984
Quality : 5
Drum solo(eric carr)
Cold gin
Gimme moore this is the best rare footage on here IMO.  I have never seen these 3 songs from this show before.  The only copy of the show that I know in trading circles does not have these songs on it.  Now, the are listed on the new version of the entire show that you can get from the KISS Army Spain.  But I have not seen that one yet.  The creator of the dvd gets credit for trying to give better sound to the clips by synching it up with the Nashville audio, but I think I would rather have heard the sound from the footage first.

1985 asylum tour
30-11-1985 Nashville Tennessee
27-2-1986 Abilene
Audio : Houston Texas 85
Quality : ok
Detroit rock city
Fits like a glove
Creatures of the night
Cold gin
Ok..this is new footage to me.  Very cool to see the Asylum stage show close up.  Can’t seem to find these clips anywhere else.

Crazy nights video (hellstorm 79 NEW VERSIon)
(Footage is from “Makin of crazy nights dvd” )
Quality : good

Hide your heart video shoot session (playback 2x)
(Footage is from “makin of Hide your heart dvd”)
Video : from video sessions
Audio : Album version
Quality : good

Crazy night video shoot session interviews (Hellstorm 79 edit)
(Footage is from “makin of crazy nights dvd”)

Crazy nights video shoot session (Playback 2x)
Footage is from “makin of crazy nights dvd”
Video: From video sessions (with audience)
Audio : Album version
Now were back into no new footage here.  These are just snippets of longer versions of the “Making of” DVD’s that are out there.

Montreal Canada 13-1-1983
Quality : 7
Creatures of the night
Not really sure why this is rare.  There are at least 3 different versions of this show floating around.  Each having this footage on there.

Rio De Janeiro 18-6-1983
Pro shot
Quality ok (7)
(Without TV comments)
God of thunder
Again…not really sure about this one.  Not only do they say it has no tv comments, but towards the middle of the song it becomes a small clip show of the show.  Then some credits roll over at the end of the song.  Again, does not seem like any anything special to me.

Overall I would say this is not worth the download.  I give the maker of the dvd credit for taking the time to make it, but other than the Asylum footage & the Lick It Up footage.  There is just not that much here.