Ticket Collection

Here is a list of my KISS ticket collection.  If you have any to sell or trade please let me know and lets work a deal!!

2/8/77 Ohama, Nebraska (stub)
9/4/77 Ft. Worth, TX (Stub)
12/29/77 Birmingham, AL (Stub)

8/10/79 Indianapolis, IN (stub)
11/4/79 Denver, CO (Stub)
1/9/83 Dayoton, OH (Almost Full)
2/24/83 Indianapolis, IN (stub)
2/27/83  St. Louis, MO (Stub)
1/1/84 Tallahassee, FL (stub)

1/16/84 Indianapolis, IN (stub)
12/2/84 Indianapolis, IN (Stub)

12/14/84 Cleveland, OH (Stub)
1/29/85 Dallas, TX (Stub)
2/9/85 Oakland, CA (Stub)
1/16/86 Indianapolis, IN (Stub)
2/20/87 East Rutherford, NJ (Stub)
12/27/87 Indianapolis, IN (Stub)
1/8/88 Chicago, IL (Stub)
6/3/90 Chicago, IL (Stub)
8/17/90 Jackson, MS(Full Ticket)
9/14/90 Long Beach CA (Full)
10/11/92 Uniondale, NY (Stub)
11/21/92 Chicago, IL (stub)
11/28/92 Indianapolis, IN (Stub, signed by Eric Singer)
1/14/96 Chicago, IL  (Stub)
7/16/96 Chicago, IL (Full x2)
7/25/96 New York, NY (Stub)
8/9/96 Indianapolis, IN  (Stub)
8/28/96 Sacramento, CA (Stub)
9/14/96 Birmingham, AL (Full, x2)
9/22/96 Orlando, FL (Full)
10/15/96 Indianapolis, IN  (Stub)
10/31/96 Laguna Hills, CA  (Stub)
4/5/97 Columbus, GA (Full, Ed Kannon on drums)
10/31/98 Los Angles, CA (Full, opening night of Psycho Circus Tour)
11/15/98 Albany, NY (Full)
11/27/98 Uniondale, NY (Stub)
11/29/98 Buffalo, NY (Full)
12/5/98 Columbus, OH (Full)
12/6/98 Cleveland, OH (Full)
12/8/98 Charleston, WV (Full)
12/11/98 Dayton, OH (Full)
12/13/98 Indianapolis, IN   (Stub & Full)
12/16/98 Omaha, NE (Full)
12/27/98  Madison, WI (Full)
4/2/00 Dallas, TX (Full)
4/15/00 Atlanta, GA (stub)
4/16/00 New Orleans, LA (Stub)
5/11/00 Chicago, IL (stub)
5/13/00 Columbus, OH (stub)
5/20/00 Noblesville, IN (stub)
6/9/00 Wantaugh, NY (Stub)
6/27/00 East Rutherford, NJ (stub)
8/12/00 San Bernadino, CA (stub)
9/9/00 Indianapolis, IN (Full)
9/10/00 Evansville, IN (stub)
9/13/00 Dayton, OH (Stub)
8/17/03 Noblesville, IN (Full)
10/10/03  Mountain View, CA (Full)
11/26/03 Boston, MA (Full)
7/3/04 Noblesville, IN (Full, signed by Eric Singer)
7/27/07  San Jacinto, CA (stub, Only show as a trio…Paul Stanley missed the show)
10/19/09 Pensacola, FL (Full Ticket)
8/9/10 Indianapolis, IN (3/4 Stub)
7/21/12 Virginia Beach, VA (Full)
8/3/12  Houston, TX (Full)
8/27/12 Maryland Heights, MO(Full)
8/31/12 Cincinnati, OH (Full)
9/1/12 Noblesville, IN (Full)
9/5/12 Clarkston, MI Full)

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